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Company History

The Prodigal Truck Returns

2016, not only marked the 10th anniversary of LCS, but also marked 36 years in the logistics industry for our original founder and CEO, Awie Britz.

What better way to pay tribute to such an incredible milestone, than to reunite Mr Britz with the vehicle that started it all! His first truck, a 1980 model Mercedes 1924, had been tracked down and lovingly restored to its original condition. From the Ivory White factory paint, down to the outside-mounted air horn, boasting its original rebuilt straight 6 ADE diesel motor with 170 kW of power - laughable by today’s standards, but it got the job done. Seeing the truck that started LCS on its path to success pull into the depot, filled Awie with delight and rekindled all those memories from years gone by.

The classic truck is currently on display at our Heidelberg depot, reminding the LCS team every day of our humble beginnings and the true power of hard work, perseverance and our unwavering faith in God, who has always carried us through all the prosperous and challenging times.

Company Overview

The LCS Group delivers a wide range of logistics and supply chain solutions, transport services, fleet support and financial services through our ever increasing national footprint, coordinated through our hub in Heidelberg, and supported through our network of regional and satellite offices.

People are truly our most important asset and we painstakingly ensure that we put the right person in every position for our customers to experience the LCS way, regardless of the person, position or seniority. We believe that personal attention by professional, reliable and knowledgeable people not only improves the customer experience, but it also makes us one of the most efficient and reliable companies within our industry.

Corporate Structure

LCS is unique in its approach to provide our customers with total solutions that integrate every link in the extended value chain. LCS therefore utilises a range of specialised skills within the group to effectively manage our internal operations, with a view to capitalise on the synergies that are available, ultimately contributing to the overall value that we add to our customers. Some examples of these specialised services include:

    • Fleet Support

      All the vehicles used by LCS Logistics, including those of selected transport service providers, are serviced and maintained internally. Our main Fleet Support depot is based in Heidelberg, providing a comprehensive range of services, supported and endorsed by carefully selected OEM partners and service providers.

      In addition, Fleet Support assumes responsibility for all our vehicle related aspects prescribed by the RTMS standards. This gives us the confidence that all vehicles operating within our network are fully maintained, roadworthy and verified fit for service within LCS Logistics, at all times.

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    • Fuel Provision

      LCS supplies diesel for all the vehicles operating in the LCS Logistics fleet, through our national network of refuelling depots, conveniently situated on all our major routes. In addition, LCS also suppliesa number of our customers with their primary fuel needs.

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    • Human Resource Management

      Professional, reliable and knowledgeable people are a key aspect within LCS and our Human Resource (HR) division ensures that this golden thread is evident throughout the entire LCS.

      LCS’s HR division manages the recruitment, selection, appointment, general administration, training and development of all our employees, as well as those of a selection of our key service providers. We take particular pride in closely managing our drivers, across the entire extended fleet, as per the official RTMS guidelines, thereby ensuring the general wellness of our drivers.

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    • Financial Management

      Our Financial Services division provides many valuable services internally and externally, but their main function within LCS Logistics is to provide in-house Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance for the extended fleet. Although this service is provided at a market leading premium, our Financial Services division thoroughly understands the logistics industry and therefore we enjoy an unsurpassed level of professional service.

      We understand that vehicle productivity is key and we assist wherever we can to keep our fleet as productive as possible. At LCS Logistics we offer our dedicated transport service providers the benefit of advancement of funds due to them, in cases of legitimate emergencies. Especially in instances of unplanned maintenance or vehicle breakdowns, LCS offers transporters access to funds, enabling them to resolve any vehicle related problems to prevent the loss of further income for the month.

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Strategic Priorities

LCS achieved its leading position through its long-term focus on our strategic priorities. These priorities deliver direct benefits to our customers and form an integral part of our value-added solutions. Our strategic priorities are:

    • Safety

      Safety is a non-negotiable at LCS and we spend significant resources in ensuring that our impeccable safety record remains intact.

      We have adopted RTMS (Road Transport Management System) as our official safety and quality management system and we have achieved full RTMS accreditation, for 4 years in a row. We are the only bulk commodity transport company in South Africa that has been granted a concession to run our Dedicated Transport Service Providers (TSP’s) under our own accreditation, which allows us to rapidly amend our accredited fleet size, based on the prevailing market requirements.

      RTMS Certificate of Registration (.PDF)

    • Technology

      We use cutting-edge technology to help us increase efficiency, reduce waste and enhance the overall competitiveness of our own operations and those of our customers.

    • Investment in Corporate Citizenship Initiatives

      We are a broad-based B-BBEE accredited organisation with Level 2 certification, which is evident in all aspects of our business.The LCS Group invests heavily in corporate citizenship initiatives to the benefit of our stakeholders the local community where we operate and the environment, through our tried and tested enterprise development initiatives.

    • Hands-on Management

      At LCS we believe that personal attention greatly enhances the value of our service offering. Through hands-on management we ensure quality service delivery and attention to detail at every step in the process, greatly improving our efficiency and reliability.

    • Operational Efficiency

      Even the most creative solutions will fail without operational efficiency. We focus on improving performance through insightful planning and optimal resource allocation, managed through our market leading suite of systems and procedures.

    • Communication

      Effective communication is nurtured as we believe it is essential to understanding customer needs and also, to efficient service delivery.

    • Green Initiatives

      We fully acknowledge that certain business activities can have a significant impact on the environment. As a result, we design and implement environmental management systems to minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of our businesses.

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Our Progress

The LCS Group of companies has grown by investing in businesses that add depth and diversity to its value chain. As a result the Group of companies are diversified across numerous industries and operate at various levels within those industries.

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