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Facilities & Initiatives

The LCS business model and company values are based upon staying abreast of the latest developments and employing innovative ways and means to stay ahead of our competition. Here are a few examples of such developments:

Richards Bay Warehousing Facility

LCS is the only logistics company in South Africa to exclusively manage a covered warehouse inside the Port of Richards Bay.

Emalahleni Truck Stop & Diesel Depot

LCS Logistics has significant operations in Mpumalanga and recognised the need for a quality road transport support infrastructure to be developed in the Witbank area. LCS therefore took the lead on the development of a Truck Stop and Diesel Depot to serve the needs of the various transport companies operating in this area.

Intermodal Facilities in Durban

LCS Logistics makes use of intermodal facilities in Durban that provide complete warehousing and containerisation services on behalf of LCS.

Bay Shipping operates a regional office from here, where all C&F is managed from.

Cutting Edge Innovations

As a company we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge in terms of the technology that we employ within our business, ranging from our fleet of vehicles to the processes and systems that we employ to manage our fleet.

A 24/7 Control Room

We operate a state of the art control room, with the requisite IT infrastructure, equipment and systems, from where all our operations are managed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

This control room is part of our standard service offering to all our clients, ensuring that our operations are always optimised and we also make real-time supply chain information available to customers, at their request.

Each vehicle in the LCS Fleet is assigned to an individual controller, with 24/7 monitoring.

Automated Tippler

LCS provides on-site material handling for its customers with a newly developed automated tippler system. The system reduces offloading times to within 30 minutes.

On-Board Tracking Systems & Cameras

The entire LCS Logistics fleet is fitted with iCab GPS based on-board monitoring systems and all LCS owned vehicles are fitted with iCab vehicle cameras, consisting of an in-cab camera, as well as a forward facing driver camera.